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The flower that represents strength and courage.

The poppy

Symbolizes the final stage and represents success in IVF


The forget-me-not symbolizes waiting

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Discover the latest trends in baking clothing and add to your collection.

Shoppable image

Discover the latest trends in baking clothing and add to your collection.

Express Yourself with Our Collection!

Discover unique paths on your journey as we all walk this path together, like sisters supporting each other.

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Sometimes it's important to do something good for yourself

Or surprise your loved ones with a special surprise on Valentine's Day.


100% Organic Cotton

Discover the benefits of 100% organic cotton for your clothing.

Flower effect

Stylish outfits in two parts

Experience the flower effect with our exclusive oversized cotton hoodies and comfortable sports pants.

Mix & Match

Your style, your choice

Our Models

Weil wir einzigartig und verschieden wie Blumen sind, elegant und anmutig.

do not forget

Miracles are reserved for those who believe in them!

We are here to support you and your journey.

For us women come in many sizes

We've got you covered.

the artisanal handcrafted bag collection

Our handmade bags from the Flower Rhapsody collection offer the perfect transition from casual to chic. Created specifically for this collection, they embody style and originality

Given your delicacy, it is our wish that you can fully develop your beauty and elegance.

"The flowers are hand-painted and then digitized for the collection."

7 bags in 7 colors, specially designed and conceived to add an extra touch of delicacy

Coming Soon In Shop

Discover our soon-to-be-available collection of bags in our shop. Each of these bags was hand made and crocheted in 7 colors, created by an artist from Romania. They are unique and there are only 7 pieces on the market

Blumen der Mutterschaft

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Un mesaj special.. 💐

Un mesaj special.. 💐

Și eu încerc de 5 ani să fac un bebe. În 2019 am avut o sarcină extrauterină pentru care a trebuit să fiu operată. Apoi...   

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Valentina Munteanu: Die Künstlerin hinter den Werken mit Herz und Engagement

Valentina Munteanu: Die Künstlerin hinter den Werken mit Herz und Engagement

Valentina Munteanu, eine Künstlerin von außergewöhnlichem Talent und Hingabe, hat nicht nur eine umfangreiche Design-Kollektion geschaffen, sondern auch eine Mission unterstützt. Diese einzigartige Kollektion von Kunstwerken entstand aus einer kraftvollen...

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Ivf Qualitty Clothing Brand

Ivf Quality Clothing Brand

Because we understand and empathize with you and you're struggle, our brand is thoughtfully designed for your everyday comfort and happiness. We're here to make your life easier by creating...

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Die Bedeutung der Blumen auf dem Weg zur Mutterschaft

Die Bedeutung der Blumen auf dem Weg zur Mutterschaft

Unsere elegant gemalten Blumen, digital auf die Kleidung übertragen, verkörpern jede Phase einer Frau auf ihrem Weg zur Mutterschaft. Das Schneeglöckchen markiert den Beginn der Behandlung - zart und vielversprechend,...

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Born Angel - Non Profit

Let us be there for the abandoned children and grandparents and show them that they are not alone in this big world. Together we can support the association 'Născută Înger' and their project for the day center 'Ella Suciu' directly through my online fashion shop. Let us be a ray of hope for those in need!

Together we can make meaningful change by supporting those who need our help. With every contribution we can become part of an important project that changes the lives of many. It's about showing community, helping and creating a better future together.

You can donate 5 euros to this cause in your shopping cart at the end of your purchase. All you have to do is add the product 'Ella Suciu' to your shopping cart.

You are..

Strong, brave and determined! There is something special about being someone who exudes these qualities. You are an example of willpower and determination to those around you