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💐In einem Garten der Hoffnung..

💐In a garden of hope...

Growing in a garden of hope and female resilience are eight unique designs, each bearing delicate and wise symbols. My designers have transformed each flower into a step of the IVF journey, representing the woman's courage and beauty during the treatment.

The first design, decorated with a snowdrop, symbolizes the first meeting with the doctor and the first step in this hopeful journey.
Following are the lily of the valley flowers, which represent injections and ovarian stimulation - a phase of strength and commitment.
The hydrangea, as a third design, highlights egg retrieval - a sensitive and painful time, but full of beauty and hope. The waiting time between egg retrieval and embryo development is symbolized by lavender.
The lilac, the next symbol, brings with it the emotions of transfer, while the forget-me-not indicates the waiting, a time full of mixed feelings and hopes.
With its remarkable power, the poppy represents one of the strongest flowers in the collection and marks the positive moment of pregnancy.
The final stage, the bouquet, symbolizes all the women who go through this treatment and the most delicate stages of this journey. These garments were created with love and care specifically for all the strong women who walk this path.
I invite you to explore this collection that brings together the intricacy and importance of each step in the IVF experience. Every purchase not only supports a unique design, but also a message of strength and hope for women around the world who walk this path. Come to us and discover this special collection created from the heart for you, for every strong woman who writes her own success story despite the challenges.
With love and respect,
Timea T.
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