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Geborener Engel - Non Profit

Born Angel - Non Profit

In 2021, the 'Născută Înger' (Born Angel) association from Piatra-Neamț Romania received a special gift - a brick for what will become the Social Inclusion Center (CIS) 'Ella Suciu', named after the late sister of Carmen Suciu, the coordinator of the association and social worker.This 'Ella Suciu' CIS is the big dream of Carmen Suciu, a place where people of all ages, social or medical cases, who need help and reintegration into society can be accommodated . In this spirit, a family donated a property and a 1000 square meter plot in Piatra-Neamț, as the culmination of all the efforts of the association's volunteers in the name of good and unconditional help

The building and land are currently owned by the 'Născută Înger' association in Piatra-Neamț through a donation. Until the big dream of establishing the Social Inclusion Center is realized, which requires high costs, the volunteers' efforts are temporarily focused on the establishment of a day center, which will also be called 'Ella Suciu'. The building has several rooms that need to be renovated and redesigned. Once the work is completed, this space will accommodate children, but also parents from disadvantaged families, as a day center where they will be looked after, receive support with homework after school, etc

The work is in progress and at the end of the article we will display the construction area to see the progress of your investment, the people who have supported or are supporting this project financially or through construction materials or labor.""For the completion of the work Carmen Suciu informs us that around 50,000 lei (10,000 euros) are still needed. Those who can help can contact Carmen Suciu on 0040770 405 849 or on Facebook here for further details or sponsorships.


"Carmen Suciu"

"We live in a free world, and the only limits are the ones we set for ourselves. Let's change the way we see the world and the world will show itself differently. Since the founding of the club' Născută Înger' in Piatra-Neamț I wished to go exactly where God leads me. Many people went with me, some have stayed to this day, others have taken their own path. What is certain is that the angel friends, together With all of you who care, we have managed to move mountains in many situations!

All volunteers, especially because we face many borderline situations locally, we wanted to create this center to provide a different kind of school. The bright side was that the dream took shape when Ms. Daniela donated a house and the land that belonged to it to us in memory of an angel. We preserved the house where many children and adults were helped when they were in difficult situations and that is what we are doing now by wanting to complete this day education center! Here many of our little beneficiaries will be able to learn many useful things and do even better in school. These are the children whose parents we support on a long-term basis, some of them are sick, others have no education or work. These parents will also benefit from all the activities that we will carry out in this educational center. When we began to remodel and adapt what was given, we started with those around us, then other people also came to support us. Everyone who supports us believes in our dream, they know us, know exactly what we do, we thank them for the trust they have placed in us. Then, because people know people, they come to you, and more and more people come because they believe in your dream!

We have always strived to bring light where powerlessness has extinguished it. This gave rise to the desire to create a social integration center and an educational center where every day after class we would offer literacy lessons, good behavior courses, cooking activities, discussions on hygiene and many other activities."

"We, the association's volunteers, divide our time between our own jobs and field work, an extremely extensive activity that involves different groups of beneficiaries. The challenge is to accommodate families with many children or those who want to study long-term help to become independent and strong enough to cope in society.

Children are enrolled in school because they receive various incentives and social assistance. On the other hand, they don't attend classes because it's not important to their parents and they don't see the importance of school. There are no role models at home to encourage them to learn and pursue a career. At home, most parents are illiterate; they let the older children look after the younger ones, use them to beg, or abandon them to their fate.

In addition to literacy classes, we would like to conduct craft workshops, personal development, nutrition, hygiene and cooking courses specifically for these parents. After everything we do with them, it is special when they can write, read and realize that they need education and jobs in life. They should be independent, able to manage their resources, be clean, have a goal, do something so that they do not remain in the poverty and ignorance in which they find themselves. At least they should know the basics. And they shouldn't be cold or hungry. They should learn that everything depends on them to be successful in life.

That's why I ask you to join in our dream of completing and opening the 'Ella Suciu' day center together in order to save destinies. We still have to pay the balance of the contractor's bill, the difference in paying for the carpentry, doors and windows. Then we still need materials for completion and some household items, including the gate, which were promised to us by 'TCE Agricultură', for which we are eternally grateful."


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